Eliminate excessive underarm sweating with Maxim® Antiperspirant! Buy Today

Maxim® antiperspirant is the best deodorant for hyperhidrosis, and is a dermatologist recommended product. It contains a super-refined ingredient called aluminum chloride.

Aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex is the most common active ingredient in all antiperspirants. Maxim's active ingredient is different. We have created a purified formula, with the active ingredient: aluminum chloride. The difference between Maxim® and other antiperspirants is that we use aluminum chloride and it is extremely purified. Being so pure, it becomes much more effective at stopping you from sweating than the name brands of antiperspirant deodorant. This is the difference between Maxim® and other brands: our prescription-strength ingredient. You will not find this quality in any other brand, not one. So, if you need a solution to your underarm sweating, you need to try Maxim® antiperspirant. What reason do you have to not try it? We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our product or you get your money back, no questions. NO QUESTIONS. What else could you ask for? It's the best antiperspirant, made from the finest ingredients, along with superior customer service. 





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