Goodbye Excessive Sweating!

Excessive sweating (also known as Hyperhidrosis) is a condition that affects an estimated 7 million Americans and even more people globally. Most people who suffer from excessive perspiration experience excessive armpit perspiration. If you are here, you know that you have tried every “clinical strength” antiperspirant under the sun and they simply do not work. Maxim® Antiperspirant was developed nearly 20 years ago and has been the go-to antiperspirant by hundreds of thousands of our loyal customers. Over 1,000 dermatologists recommend Maxim® antiperspirant to their patients who suffer from this condition.

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"I had suffered from hyperhidrosis for years, something that affected my quality of life. I was getting worried about how often I’d ruin clothing and whether I’d be able to realistically move about without thinking about sweating. After speaking with a friend about her experience visiting a dermatologist, I resolved to do the same. However, I wanted to try one last OTC product that had generally positive reviews. I happened upon Maxim.

It costs just as much as other clinical strength deodorant/antiperspirants (although it is unfortunately not Prime-eligible—a huge drawback). You apply at night ***spraringly***and the next day you DO NOT SWEAT. I do not have sensitive skin, so Maxim has not caused irritation. This is probably due to the magnitude of my hyperhidrosis—so bad that my resting metabolism would make me sweat like a hardcore bro who had just finished a workout.

The confidence and peace of mind that Maxim has given me merits the 5 star review. I was skeptical about these larger than life “I’m cured” and “I can lift my arms up” reviews, but I stand amazed at the change in my quality of life from something so simple as this. I would recommend to anyone who doesn’t have very sensitive skin."

-J. Millward

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