Prescription Deodorant

Unlike many antiperspirants and deodorants, you DO NOT need a prescription in order to buy Maxim. If you didn't already know Maxim antiperspirant is the best sweat-stopping agent in the world, made with a special, safe ingredient aluminum chloride. Maxim is doctor recommended and used by hundreds of thousands of costumers!

Maxim stops hyperhidrosis by sealing the sweat glands shut, which prevents your sweat from ever soaking your shirt. All you need to do is apply a few swipes to your armpits every morning, and you will see results immediately. One bottle even lasts 2-3 months or even a year! 

So, if you don't want to wait to get a prescription deodorant or antiperspirant, order a bottle of Maxim right now and crush your hyperhidrosis! Start getting your confidence and life back and stay fresh 24/7.

Check out this Maxim review below!

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