Guys, gals, you should probably stop using botox to solve your problems. Botox can cause bleeding at the site of injection, as well as other side effects including: sweating in other areas and possibly flu-like symptoms. Also, it's downright expensive. Honestly, why inject a foreign substance into your body to stop sweating, when you can stop it naturally with an effective antiperspirant? I know what you're thinking right now, "this is some garbage ad." This isn't someone on the other end of a computer just trying to sell you garbage products. I am a college student and I experience excessive sweating pretty much on a daily basis, so I know what it feels like. I wanted to write this article to bring some awareness to an amazing product that I have been using, called Maxim ® antiperspirant. We actually care about our loyal customers and we know what it's like to have hyperhidrosis. So, let me pose my argument as to why you should switch from botox, to Maxim ® Antiperspirant. 

The average cost of botox injection, according to, is $1,000 for two underarms ( That's a heck of a lot of money to pay, just to stop sweating under your arms. Botox is also a foreign substance that you are injecting into your body, that can cause problems with your nervous system. When you inject botox, your muscles at the site of injection can become weak, because botox is designed to deactivate the nerves at the site of injection. Botox is also recognized by the body as a toxin. Your body gets rid of it after a few months, so you have to go receive injections again, which is cumbersome. Again, it is not natural to inject these substances into our bodies and botox is know to elicit adverse effects in some individuals. Also, seriously, why would anyone want to spend thousands just to stop sweating? That sounds a bit unnecessary. So, instead of spending thousands on botox, maybe you should try Maxim ® antiperspirant. Maxim ® was designed to give you relief from hyperhidrosis, the natural way. Maxim ® blocks your sweat glands for approximately 24-72 hours after before-bed application. 


Be sure to visit our website at to get your first bottle! We PROMISE you won't be disappointed if you decide to become a customer :). 


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