See how I cured my excessive underarm sweating nightmare in one night.  This stuff is amazing you have to try it. 


8 FACTS ABOUT Maxim® Antiperspirant 

1) Maxim® is recommended for Excessive Perspiration, or hyperhidrosis

2) Maxim® is applied at night time, before you go to bed. Over night, Maxim® cross links and will form a block over your sweat pores unlike any other antiperspirant and that's it, your sweating problem is gone. 

3) Maxim® is NOT your standard "Clinical Strength" antiperspirant.  

4) Maxim® contains the most powerful active ingredient the FDA allows on their monograph, 15% Aluminum Chloride. 

5) Maxim® was specially developed for sufferers of a condition called "hyperhidrosis" or the medical term for excessive underarm perspiration.  Another fancy word is recalcitrant underarm sweating or sweating that can't be controlled by typical "clinical strength" antiperspirants. 

6) Maxim® is manufactured in the USA under FDA GMP Quality Guidelines. 

7) Maxim® antiperspirant goes beyond "extra strength".  Maxim® is super strong, it is like comparing the strength of Hulk, Thor, Captain America or Thanos (if you are an Marvel or Avengers fan) to that of a mere mortal. 

8) Maxim® is recommended by over 400 Dermatologists