See why over 400 Dermatologists recommend Maxim® to their patients

7 million Americans suffer from the medical condition called hyperhidrosis or what you and I call excessive perspiration, or underarm sweating that cannot be treated by your typical "clinical strength" antiperspirant. 

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1- They do not contain sufficient active ingredients. 

2 - They are applied at the wrong time.  

3 - They wear off. 

4 - They do not plug your sweat glands. 

4 FACTS WHY Maxim® WORKS where the competition fails

1 - Maxim® Antiperspirant contains the maximum allowable, most powerful ingredient the FDA allows in an over the counter antiperspirant, 15% Aluminum Chloride - compare your "clinical strength" antiperspirant that doesn't work against this ingredient - I bet it doesn't have it. 

2 - You apply Maxim® Antiperspirant at night time, prior to bed, when you are relaxed and ready for bed. 

3 - Maxim® won't wear off in the morning and in the shower. It will cover your sweat gland like a plug and it simply blocks your sweat from coming out. 

4 - The magic of Maxim® is that is simply blockades your sweat from coming out of your pores and IT WORKS, in many cases in one application. 

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