Reviews from Customers Who Avoided Surgery Using Maxim Antiperspirant

Those who have experience excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis, understand that they will do anything to control the condition. If you are considering surgery to reduce your excessive sweating, consider reading the reviews below. Like you, these people also considered surgery but found that Maxim Antiperspirant was the best deodorant to stop sweating and it saved them from surgery.

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High School Students

"I have been using Maxim for one year now and it has been incredible! I recently saw a photo of myself when I was about 10 or 11 years old and I couldn't believe my eyes. I had sweat rings under my arms back then! I truly was the epitome of one who sweats profusely. I used to put paper towels under my arms, and once I even resorted to feminine pads! I kid you not! I was beside myself and decided to go online to see if there was a cure. I can say that almost a year after using your product, I don't have to wear jackets over my blouses to keep embarrassing sweat from showing through. I can now wear silk blouses, light colored blouses, you name it - even in the middle of the summer! I highly recommend this product to everyone. I just reordered a 4 -pack and I thank God for your developers, sales people, everyone. This is so innovative - it should be sold in drug stores, at the least. My only side effect is a little bit of itching - which doesn't irritate me at all because I know the product is doing it's thing. I only use it about twice a week and definitely the night before a big event that may make me nervous like a date. I understand that many people undergo surgery for excessive sweating, and I was strongly considering it until I discovered your product. Thank you so much!" -Anonymous

"Just wanted to send a 'thank you' note. I have tried nearly every over-the-counter anti-perspirant available and none could control or even minimize my excessive underarm sweating. Needless to say, this was highly embarrassing. So I finally decided to do an internet search to see what was available; at this point I was even considering surgery. I decided to give your product a try, mainly based on the customer comments. I have to admit that I was very, very sceptical and did not think that your product would work... after-all nothing else had. I cannot express the amount of happiness and relief I felt after using your product for a week. Not only was my sweating minimized, it was practically eliminated. I have experienced an excess of foot sweat, but I would rather have wet socks than huge sweats on shirts that are visible to anyone. I am so happy to have found something that works, and will be happy to recommend your product to others. So thank you again for making this product available." -Anonymous

"Dear Corad: I want to take a minute to let you know how Maxim has changed my life. I've had hyperhidrosis basically my whole adult life (I'm a 28-year-old male) but just assumed it was one of those things you live with. For some reason, it got unbearably worse this past year, prompting me to seek some assistance. I use a popular name-brand anti-persipirant, and have tried all kinds of alternatives, including the roll-on, the gel, the white stuff, you name it. Nothing could make any inroads. When I looked up an online alternative and Maxim basically comprised all the top hits, I decided to spend a few bucks and try it. What could it hurt? I figured it was probably one of those placebo scams, but shouldn't I at least say I tried the witch doctor stuff too? When Maxim arrived a few days later, I applied it at night, as directed. I continued for a few days. I had a very mild armpit itch the first couple of nights, which subsided. And then the sweating did too. I suddenly felt like a new person. Within a week, my warm-to-cold-and-back armpit sweat stains were gone, essentially completely. I'm at the end of my first bottle now, about 3 months later (it really does last, I use it everyday) and I now live without having to change shirts twice a day. I work at a summer camp right now, and I don't have to worry about the kids making fun of Mr. Sweaty! Less than twenty bucks every few months is a small price to pay for a life change! I do still use my name-brand deodorant in the mornings for scent purposes only, but the combo of that for scent and Maxim for sweat is wonderful. Thank you a million times over, Maxim!!!" -Anonymous

"I want to thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful product. I seriously thought that I was stuck with this "problem" forever!! Words alone cannot express the gratitude I have for Maxim. I have always had an underarm sweat problem since I hit puberty. I remember having this problem since the age of 14. Now I'm 25 and there's finally a solution! I had recently heard about the surgery being practiced to stop underarm sweating. I was hesitant to go that route until I looked into this product. I had always stressed about being around a crowd of people at parties, family reunions, or just any get-togethers. I can now wear whatever I want and choose to wear any color I want without any worries of "pit stains" appearing. I used to be so embarrassed to talk about my problem. But, I can now say that I am absolutely stress free!! I haven't had ONE incident at all since the first time I applied Maxim. This product truely lives up to its word!! So thank you again!!" -Anonymous

"Your product should be called "The Miracle Worker". I've only been using Maxim for a week and I absolutely love it! I can't believe it, I don't sweat! My excessive sweating was such a problem that I was planning to having surgery when I decided to try to find one more product. That's when I found Maxim. I'm 100% satisfied and will continue to purchase your product. My only question is, why don't you market this in drug stores or Home Shopping?? I'm certain your sales would go through the roof!! If you ever decide to do a commercial, I would be more than happy to give my testimonial! Thank you again." -J. - Cleveland, Ohio

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Maxim is a prescription strength antiperspirant utilizing 15% aluminum chloride to control hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). For those with more sensitive skin, we have also created Maxim Sensitive with 10.8% aluminum chloride.

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College Reviews

"I just wanted to write a letter to add to your growing list of testimonials. I never had a problem with excessive sweating until March of this year. I was under intense personal and professional stress and as a result, for the first time, I was dealing with shirts drenched in sweat. This, of course, only added to the stress--the more I worried, the worse it got. I tried every deodorant, cream, powder, etc., on the market and nothing, and I mean nothing, worked. I had seen the doctor and they had suggested that I consider surgery to correct the problem. When researching the surgery on the net, I came across your product and decided to give it a chance. I am so glad that I did. It may sound silly, but it really has changed my life--the way I dress, my level of confidence, etc. have improved since the second day I started to use it. Someone who has never had to deal with just simply cannot understand the embarrassment of excessive sweating. Thanks so much for making a product that lives up to its claims and beyond." -NS Kansas City, MO

"I just wanted to THANK YOU for such a wonderful product. I have been leaving with Hyperhidrosis all my life. I was ashamed to talk about it with anyone including my doctor. One day I decided to talk to my doctor about it. I was referred to 2 specialists before I was diagnose with hyperhidrosis. I was put under different treatments including an Drysol which did me no good. I carried clothes in my bag every where I went because I would sweat right through them! Finally last week I heard of a surgery that my doctor said he could do, but would live me a scar & was not 100% guaranteed. It would of require of me to take time from work & not being able to care for my son for about 3 weeks. I was very scared, but about to go through with the surgery. I couldn't live any longer with the discomfort and embarrassing moments that I have been going through all my life. It was so bad that I used to go the bathroom every hour or so to change paper from underneath my arms!!! Many clothes I could not wear. I just received your product and tried it for the first time last night. I want to say that I can't believe it myself!!! I have not one drop of sweat. I go to the bathroom every so often and there is nothing!!! I really don't know what to day, but THANK YOU!!! I actually feel like crying cause I am so happy. I am not the type of person that bothers to write, but I think that is the least I could do, for all that your company has done for me coming up with such an amazing product. I am about to go shopping for shirts that now I am able to wear!!! Again, THANK YOU!!!" -EM

"I was pleasantly surprised by your product. I have to train people on the use and maintenance of our electric systems and work in front of groups. The stress sometimes caused excessive underarm sweating which was disconcerting and embarrassing. Your product works as advertised! Thanks for making and marketing a product that does exactly as advertised." -J.S

"I just wanted to say thanks for your product. It has helped me in ways most people don't understand. I have a new found freedom that has helped me to enjoy life so much more. I use Maxim mostly on my palms; I experienced very bad sweating on my hands, face and feet, but Maxim helps to fight it. I never thought I'd be able to get rid of the excessive sweating, at least not without major surgery, but your product seems to do the trick wonderfully. Sure I was skeptic at first, but a few days into applying Maxim at night it began to work. I was shocked waking up finding that my hands were dry all day long!" -Student in Fresno, CA

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