Reviews from People Ages 24-35

Have you been suffering from excessive sweating your whole life? Or maybe it just started in your twenties or thirties? Either way, we know it can be difficult to live with excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis. This can impact your fashion choices, your social life, and even your professional life. Take back control and stop excessive sweating with Maxim Antiperspirant. Not sure it will work for you? Check out these Maxim reviews from people ages 24 to 35 and see how Maxim has changed their lives.

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High School Students

"Dear Maxim Providers: I just had to write to thank you for saving my life. I am only 25 years old, and about to lock myself in my room for the rest of my life before I found this product on-line. The sweating wasn't unbelievably bad, but it was visible through my clothes and for me as a hairdresser, it was unbearable. Now, nothing, zippo, zilch!! I don't even have to wear deoderant unless I want a fruity fragrance under my arms! I had tried EVERY single over the counter product imaginable, but nothing worked until I found Maxim. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU."-D

"I am 32 and just started a new life with an incredible man. It was so hard to cover my sweating armpits while we were dating and recently I threw out so many shirts due to armpit stains. I felt so frustrated, my favorite time of the year is coming and knowing I would be sweating even more. I dreaded going shopping for Spring clothes because there are so many things I could not wear. I went on the net and looked up "excessive sweating" and there you were! I was skeptical at first but I went on your website and read all of the testimonials which I could relate to. Well, I have been using your product for less than a week and I am DRY, DRY, DRY!!! I could not believe I was dry by the second day of application. There has been some irritation, burning and redness so I was thinking of applying it every other day now. I don't even need any other deodorant, just a little powder in the morning which by the way helps with the irritation. I just wanted to say thanks, it has been such a relief to finally find something that works. I am going to order my 4 pack soon too!" -SE in New Jersey

"Dear Maxim, I can't begin to tell you what an amazing blessing your product is. I have suffered from excessive under-arm sweat my entire life, I am now 28 years old. I would wake up in the morning sweating and it would just continue all day long and then keep sweating until bed. I couldn't find anything on the market to help me, none of the anti-perspirants on the market would even come close to working. I couldn't own white shirts more than 2-months before I had to throw them away (due to the yellow, crusty stained underarms). I would just tell people it was because of my hyper nature and that it is very healthy to sweat - when the truth is, I didn't know what to tell them - that I'm a disgusting sweat freak. I have searched endlessly for something to put under my arms to soak up the shower of sweat that comes out. Nothing, absolutely nothing - I was taping womens pads under my arms so I would not be so embarrassed in public. I am now employed with a very large firm and I refused to let people see the real "sweaty" me. I searched again for something to help me, when I came across Maxim's website - I ordered the product thinking it will most likely be a waste of my time. Your product was delivered in only 3-days, I tried it on that evening and I could not believe the results the following morning. It has now been a week and I just can not find the words to express to you how much your product means to me. I read the testimonials and I thought I would never write one, even if this product worked. I just had to let you know that Maxim truly is a miracle to anyone who suffers from underarm sweat. Thank you so much, now your biggest and most loyal fan." -Mark

"A week after using your product, I find myself writing a testimonial. It sounds like info-mercial stuff, but it really works. Plagued with severe armpit sweating since 15, I figured I would just have to live with it. At 30, I found that my posture and maneurisims were very restrictive - trying to cover up sweat stains. Plus, laundry day was embarrasing because my wife would see T-shirts with gross pit wear. Maxim is the first hyperhydrosis product I've tried, and the last because it DOES work. I must sound like a salesman at this point, but please belive that I was just as skeptical as you, and that you don't have to put up with the sweating anymore! Today, I Gave a co-worker a high-five, wearing a beige cotton short sleeve shirt with no reservations. Can't remember the last time I lifted my arm that high in public. I don't work for Corad. I'm just like you - exploring any option to end the embarassment." -S

"I swear by Maxim. At first, however, I was skeptical being that I found it on the internet. I tried it out of desperation and it has completely changed my life!!! I can wear light colors without a worry, I don't have to carry another shirt with me to change into once I soaked through the first one....I could go on forever. But I will just leave you with this: TRY IT...IT WORKS!!! The only thing that has worked for me in my 32 years!" -J.B. - Brooklyn, NY

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Maxim is a prescription strength antiperspirant utilizing 15% aluminum chloride to control hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). For those with more sensitive skin, we have also created Maxim Sensitive with 10.8% aluminum chloride.

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High School Reviews

" I sincerely want to emphasize how much your product has improved my quality of life. Being female, I always had difficulty finding feminine clothing that could covet my excessive sweating problems. I grew so tired of wearing black or white everyday! Since purchasing Maxim four months ago, my life has changed for the better. I am not sure why I was willing to suffer the humiliation caused by the sweating for so many years, but I was simply too embarrassed to go to a doctor. Several times I would make appointments at doctor's offices, and then I'd chicken out once I got there. Through this medium of customer service, I was able to order Maxim on the internet while salvaging my dignity. This product has worked beautifully. I no longer flinch away from physical contact with loved ones, or dread social situations. I only apply the anti-perspirant twice a week now, and my life has changed so much in the last four months, that I often forget that I ever suffered from chronic sweating. In fact, my one wish since I was 15, was to find a way to get rid of the sweating. I'm 24 now, and that wish has been granted. 9 years is a waste of time. I wish I had known about Maxim years ago. It would have saved me so many years of misery." -RR

"Well, this is Friday, Aug. 10, and I started using Maxim a week before on the 3rd. Wait, I'm getting ahead of myself. I'm 27, in good shape, am fun to be around, and good looking (if I do say so myself). But what people didn't know about me was that I was severely depressed for about the last nine years of my life. I have had severe hiperhydrosis since my senior year of high school. I then went to college, and could not enjoy wearing colored shirts or my fraternity t-shirts like the rest of my friends. In college, I waited tables in a couple of restaurants that both required uniform shirts. And now I work for a bank where I have to wear dress shirts. I live in San Antonio, Texas, where it is around 100 degrees (not that the season even mattered). Like everyone else, I was EXTREMELY skeptical of the product when I found it on the web, but had no more options or patience. PEOPLE, read this carefully: THIS PRODUCT IS AMAZING. IT DOES WORK. The first day after the first night I tried it, I was able to wear a colored polo shirt (with no under t-shirt)! I had one very small, very light sweat mark about the size of a quarter under one arm for about ten minutes. The next day? NOTHING. The last week? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I have been more happy and confident the last week then I have been in the last 9 years (and I have had a fun life)! My only complaint. Word of this product has to get out to more people. My whole life could have been alot different if I had found this product years ago (and I am a college-educated, informed consumer). I just happened to stumble across the website on the web, and even skipped it once or twice before I came back and stopped to read it. I will tell as many people as I can, but I'm only so popular! HELP ME TO HELP YOU! Thank you a million times! No more black, white, or plaid!" -Anonymous

"Thank you so much for the extremely speedy delivery! I got the package! I've already been using this, as my brother recommended it, and I love it. I'm finally able to wear colored shirts without having embarassing armpit stains! I've gone out to get shirts in colors OTHER THAN black or white, now!" -Anonymous

"I ordered your product on Sunday, received it on Wednesday, and today, Friday, I cried in the bathroom at work. I can't believe I'm not sweating! For the first time in over ten years, since I was 11, I have had to bring a sweater or second shirt with me whenever I leave the house. After only two days, I have no sweat stains on my white T-shirt. Thank you so much for all you have done and are going to do!!!" -Anonymous

"It is truly a remarkable product and for me worth every penny. I wish I would have had it twenty years ago. I have to admit, when I first tried it, my expectations were very low that it would work. It has vastly exceeded my expectations. Keep up the great work. When I run out of my current four-pack." -Anonymous

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